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Dan - "The Permaculture Shepherd"

Dan has been an avid student of permaculture since 2013 since he took the Permaculture Design Certificate Course offered by world-renown instructor, Geoff Lawton.  Since then, Dan has devoured many biological farming books and attended several workshops on regenerative agriculture.  Now in his first year of homesteading, Dan is excited to put his knowledge into practice by developing a whole-systems approach to food production on their 10 acre property.  

Dan’s passion of livestock management with a focus on sheep has earned him the title “The Permaculture Shepherd” by popular homesteader and YouTuber, Justin Rhodes of Abundant Permaculture (Permaculture Chickens, The Ten Hour Homestead, and The Great-American Farm Tour).  Dan’s interest isn’t limited to meat production, however.  He also enjoys perennial fruit production - planting trees and berry bushes - and reaping the harvest!

Prior to becoming a full-time homesteader, Dan had an exciting career in public service as well as some semi-professional experience in video production.  Dan has but his video production skills to work on the homestead by documenting each day of the journey on The Grass-fed Homestead YouTube channel.  All the exciting happenings on the homestead including daily animal management, building projects, and even meal preparations are filmed and shared publicly.  

Dan is a foodie at heart and a cooking-enthusiast.  Learning how to cook and prepare healthy, flavorful meals was born out of necessity after his family transitioned to a whole-foods diet (primal diet).  As his cooking sensibilities developed, Dan realized the connection between raising your own food and cookery.   Dan believes “husbandry serves butchery - butchery serves cookery - cookery serves the family.”

Dan is really excited about the addition of sheep breeding stock as well as feeder pigs to the homestead this year.  




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