Growing nutrient-dense sustenance while regenerating our landscape

Our Management Practices

The Grass-fed Homestead is a 10 acre family operated homestead/farmstead located within the absolute majestic beauty of rural north Idaho.  We are a family of three working together to grow food in harmony with natural systems to create abundance and nurture good health.

We were motivated to this living this lifestyle by our desire for greater freedom and access to healthy foods.

Our Mission

to grow nutrient-dense sustenance for our family and community while regenerating our landscape

Our Ethics

We work toward this mission while being guided by the following ethics:

1. Care of People - what we do must be helpful to people and cause no harm to others

2. Care of Earth - what we do must further the regeneration of our land and cause noharm to it or the inhabitants

3. Return of Surplus - the surplus achieved gets reinvested to serve the first two ethics

Our Practices

We are not certified organic (at this time) but our practices meet or exceed the standards for the National Organic Program (NOP).

Our pasture only receives inputs from our animals in the form of manure/urine.  We do not spray chemicals or use conventional fertilizers.  We use our sheep to graze out the noxious weeds (the non-toxic ones) from our pasture.

Our sheep are 100% grass (and legume) fed and finished.  We do not feed our sheep grain.

We use a rotational grazing system where we regularly move the animals from one paddock to the next.  This is healthier for the animals (disease mitigation) and healthier for the land (no over-grazing).

We use natural wormers to maintain the health of our sheep.  A blend of garlic and molasses (administered quarterly) coupled with diatomaceous earth mineral supplementation and rotational grazing comprise our three-prong approach to maintaining excellent livestock health.  We do not use chemical wormers or any pharmaceuticals.

We provide a low-stress environment for the livestock.  Stress can have a negative impact on the taste and quality of the meat.  Providing a low-stress environment insures we are delivering the highest quality meat.  We slaughter on-farm so the animals do not have to go through the highly stressful experience of being transported to a slaughter house.

We love our animals.  We treat them with dignity and respect.